Women's Coaching Group w/Yasmin de Giorgio

this program is for you if;

* you are a conscious entrepreneur creating or growing a business
* you are looking to prioritize your wellness as you grow your business
* you want outer success without compromising your values
* you are want to go deeper into relationship with yourself
* you value community and are ready to be part of something bigger than yourself
* you want to be inspired and supported by other conscious entrepreneurs
* you feel a calling to dive deeper into your spiritual side
* you want to make your business your spiritual practice


I started out rejecting business. I judged businesses and business people as the source of so many of the world's problem. Studying Economics and then politics only made me feel it more deeply.

But after a few years rebelling, and living the hippie life travelling around the world, I realised that if I want to be a part of the solution (and I did!), then I had to do my part to help business change. 

Business itself, just like money, is neutral...neither good nor bad. But it is we who give it the meaning. It is we who can make it serve this planet or destroy it.

After starting 3 businesses I realised that it is no small task to do business different. In a conscious way. In fact, a conscious business done with integrity and rigorous values is often more difficult in this world of shortcuts, "quick wins" and "silver bullets". 

Entrepreneurship alone is tough.
Trying to do it consciously is even harder.

But...it is also waaay more rewarding. 

After successfully navigating the start up phases of 3 businesses and selling 1 off along the way, passing through my own burn-out and getting to the point where I wanted to quit...

I have come to realise that there are 3 things crucial to our business success

1. Community
2. Mentors
3. Inner Growth 

And this is what the Zen Entrepreneur is all about. 

I firmly believe that a shift in the way we do business is pioneered by small businesses and heart centered entrepreneurs brave and flexible enough to do things differently.

This is a call to adventure. 
A call to go deeper.
A call to realise our soul's potential.

Join me

Your commitment: 1.5 hours per week 

My commitment to you:
Bi-weekly 1 hour Interactive Webinar
Bi-weekly 1 hour Live Group Support
Monthly Guest Teacher Masterclasses
Four 1:1 Sessions w/ Yasmin
 4 months of online group support
 Access to Private Group
 Zen Entrepreneur Manual
Weekly support including: books, podcasts, audiobooks + written and interactive exercises
Grow your network of conscious entrepreneurs (max 10 women)

Next Group: STARTS September 1st, 2020

“It all starts from going within and Yasmin has so much experience and a goal to help as many people as possible. ​
She is a true visionary on a mission. I’ve got so much inspiration and growth through her programs. ​ ​ 
I trust her and believe in her programs and can recommend her as a mentor. I’ve seen her knowledge, passion and unique way and will to help others, in action.”

Elleria Janas
Ellie & Carl Skincare

Calling in women ready to #gowithin

If you want; 

 ✔️ Beat legitimacy issues

 ✔️Community ⁣

✔️ Spiritual growth

✔️ Deeper connection to yourself

✔️ Clarity over your strategy & direction

✔️Even deeper alignment within your business

NB: This group is a women's only group because I want to create a safe space for the inward journey. When we can relate to each other's struggles and hold a vision for each other's potential, 
miraculous changes happen!

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